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From raw cotton to garment.

Changing the norm

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Traditional production of 1kg cotton requires up to 20.000 liters of water, causing soil degradation and contributing to global water scarcity. Large producers like India, China and the United States transport raw cotton to a production facility, often located in Asia. In these facilities, wages and working conditions are extremely poor. In 2019, the European parliament used the term “slave labour” to describe the Asian working conditions in the clothing sector. To get an idea of these conditions: in most of these manufacturing countries, the minimum wage lies between half to a fifth of the living wage (the bare minimum that a family needs to fulfill its basic needs) and varies between €49 and €196 a month. To earn this, workers are often forced to work 14-16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the low wages, workers cannot afford to take days off or refuse to work overtime in peak-season.
This needs to change and in order to make change, we need you.

Our fabrics originate from cotton farms in Turkey, known its high quality and organic cotton. The fabrics have a GOTS certification, which is a standard for environmentally responsible production of the fabrics. This includes the use of 100% organic natural fibres, 91% reduction of water usage in production, 62% less energy use in production and the non-usage of environmentally harmful chemicals during the production of the fabrics.

Once the fabrics have arrived, they are brought to the local workplace in Groningen. We have chosen for a local producer to be involved in the production process, be flexible, the guarantee that our tailors earn a fair Dutch wage and work in good conditions.

In this small workplace in Groningen, our garments are carefully being made by hand. The products of SÅR Apparel are made by tailors with a refugee background, who started a new life in the Netherlands a bit more than five years ago. The tailors worked for clothing production companies in their countries of origin for many years, which makes them very experienced.

Special thanks to Stef van Oosterhout for shooting these beautiful pictures.