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The Art Nouveau Collection

Art has always been a game of criticizing and responding. Against the backdrop of the 19th century industrial revolution it was artists and craftsmen that started opposing the idea of mass production.These artisians strongly believed in small-scale handmade products. 

Taking inspiration from nature and organic movement, their philosophy had far-reaching consequences for art, architecture, interior design and even jewelry. This whole effort was driven by the underlying urge to create art that was beautiful, art the was honest, art that was new. And so, Art Nouveau was born. 


Now, more than a century later, the streetwear industry faces a similar situation. As you know, we deeply believe in the importance of honest products. With our collaboration we embroider on the revolutionary but timelessly optimistic philosophy of the 19th century artisians. 

With this collection, we hope to inspire you with the belief that it’s necessary to reflect on our current lifestyle. Perhaps it’s now time for us to respond.

We hereby present:

The ‘’Art Nouveau collection’

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